Rogue Agents

Operation Arctic Storm

The operatives are sent to the arctic circle to find a device jamming all radio-frequency communications in the northern hemisphere. They are just supposed to recon and are not supposed to engage…but unfortunately nobody let the bad guys know that!

To be continued…

Mission 1

The Present Day


The wind rushed past Isaac Brook at incredible speed as he plummeted to the ground at terminal velocity.

Thousands of feet below him lay a large valley.

From a hill below, search lights began scanning the night sky in search of someone. They were quickly followed by the guttural sounds of anti-aircraft cannon fire from below.

At the last possible second, Brook pulled on the ripcord. His chute blossomed behind him, slowing his momentum down as he glided towards a large tree.

Moments later Brook freed himself of his chute and climbed deeper into the tree’s cover. He barely managed to pull his chute in just as two jeeps full of armed rebels drove into the clearing below.

Minutes later the jeeps drove away, leaving two armed men behind. The two began searching the area.

Brook took out his gun, aimed at the nearest target and took his shot.

Blood and brain matter exploded out of the man’s head.

The other, hearing the sound of gunshot ran for cover. He blindly opened fire, spraying bullets into the darkness where he suspected the killer hid.

Brook took his shot and dropped the last man.

He climbed down and made his way to the fallen rebels. He took one of the rebel’s AK-47 along with a spare clip then hid the bodies.

Brook’s visor’s HUD showed the location of where the satellite had crashed less than an hour ago. Scanning the area, he noticed that a large hill stood between him and the fallen satellite.

His mission was to reach the British spy satellite and either retrieve the valuable data stored within its core or destroy the satellite, depending on the situation.

While hiding the bodies, Brook spotted an opening in the side of the hill. Probably an entrance to an old abandoned ruby mine, he thought.

Recalling information he gathered after accepting his mission, Brook learned that Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, had some of the richest supply of ruby and sapphire mines in the world. Many of the finest gems found in the world came right out of mines like the one Brook found.

However, the country was now in a state of civil war. And Brook was in the middle of one of the most dangerous regions of the country.

The satellite’s trajectory placed the crash site just over the other side of the hill.

Brook considered staying on the road and heading west. Perhaps he could find a road that would lead him in the right direction. Heading east was a dangerous proposition. That’s where the jeeps went.

Unsure of whether the mine had an exit on the other side, Brook decided to take his chances.

He entered the mine.

To be continued…


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